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Study in Switzerland

Switzerland can be your remarkable education destination as it has many organizations. It is known for providing many educators and has been leading in grabbing the attention of investors globally. A place like this will give you a global outlook which will enhance your growth in education and personal life.

This country is an excellent choice for its education system. Numerous students from various places enter every year. Switzerland provides quality education which can be seen as it has produced many Nobel laureates. The fee is also reasonable in the universities. The place has the most stable economy paving the way for investors and ranking the top. Apart from this, it is a place for businesses which have been making livelihoods for many. They are known for their research and development and have been highly competitive as well. They follow the Bologna system in all the universities. Being the heart of Europe, Switzerland has attracted many cultures and languages. This makes the place highly on demand where you can get an international exposure. Wixerland can be your ideal educational place as it provides quality education to students. It is ranked the top as one of the best living places which makes students who are interested in banking, machine tools, and engineering choose it without second thoughts. 

The education system here starts with primary, lower secondary to upper secondary education. Then you go to higher education there are 10 Cantonal universities with 2 Federal Institutes of Technology, 8 universities of Applied Sciences, 20 Universities of Teacher Education, Advanced Vocational colleges and private universities. Switzerland is the home to over 50000 international students and it is known for business education. It tops with world-class universities for MBA.
Switzerland is known for its research and development and it has various institutions and universities. You can get into higher education, and learn the language and there is also a vocational option.
As it has grabbed the attention of many Switzerland is indeed an expensive place. Yet you can choose the residence provided by the universities. Or can rest and share an apartment with friends. And there is an option – a homestay where you can stay with a Swiss family.
There are two types – C Visa and D Visa. In C Visa you must have a course that is more than 3 months. Select your course, documents, application form, passport, photo, letter of acceptance, health insurance and more to attend the visa interview. The interview will be at the Swiss embassy and you must submit before 6 months before or at least 10 weeks before.
  • Offer letter from the institution
  • Passport and student visa
  • Visa documents 
  • Permit to enter Switzerland
  • Health insurance 
  • Accommodation and university number 
  • Important documents photocopy 
  • Swiss bank account 
  • Baggage allowance 
  • Name your luggage with the address
  • Clothes according to the weather
  • Swiss currency in hand.



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