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Study in Singapore

Studying in an island nation that is renowned for its economy and financial success would excite any student looking to start a career abroad. Being the ‘Global Schoolhouse’ the nation’s foremost priority is education. The country’s size may be small, but the scope of higher education is significant. Every year the student count increases which proves it is the best place to study.

Singapore is internationally recognized for its Research and Innovation. There are numerous MNCs and SMEs in the nation that offer extensive career opportunities for international students. It is a multi-cultural country that gifts a comfortable living.

The country’s education system assures that its students are ready to survive in today’s world and be ready for futuristic job innovations and unforeseen challenges. From impressive infrastructures to world-class education, the educational institutions of Singapore have their significance.

The best and most preferred courses in Singapore universities are animation, computer science, and law. There are so many internationally ranked universities that excel in various fields. Moreover, institutions from Australia, the UK, and the USA have opened satellite campuses that provide courses at subsidised cost.

Although studying in Singapore may seem expensive, scholarships enable international students to study their dream courses. There are external, government, and university-specific scholarships that offer a financial boost. Each of the scholarships has unique student requirements that have to be met to claim.

Accommodations in Singapore have a broad range of choices. It is completely up to the student’s preference they can choose homestays, on-campus or off-campus stays. The living cost may vary for every student depending on their lifestyle pattern and personal needs.

There is a list of entry requirements that an international student must meet for university criteria as well as visa application. The major intake in Singapore universities happens in September every year and the minor intake is in January. The student pass is a requisite for every student which permits them to work during their studies.

Here is a pre-departure schedule that will help you stay organized and avoid last-minute hurdles.

  • Ensure that you have received an IPA letter prior leaving to for Singapore.
  • Take up a medical examination as you will have to submit them at the authorized hospital in Singapore.
  • Make sure your passport validity is for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Have the mandatory original and photocopy documents for verification.
  • Open a Singapore bank account to have hassle-free transactions.



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