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Study in Australia

What could be more amazing than opting for a unique country? Australia is the largest island globally and the only country covering an entire continent. It offers a high standard of education along with a remarkable education system. Its calm and friendly environment is a delight for every international student.

Acquiring a degree from an Australian university will make you enter a huge platform for work and developing your skills. The students are also allowed to work during their stay and they can earn money with a great work experience in their desired field. Australia’s safe and friendly environment will increase the focus on studies and bringing out innovative ideas.

The institutions in Australia offer a wide range of courses and degrees. Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) makes the Australian education system exclusive and unique from other countries. Once students opt for an AQF qualification, they are in a nationally accredited institution and their degree will be genuine.

Australian universities are renowned for Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Physical and Social Sciences, Clinical and Health, Life Sciences and much more. The students can select any choice of course in the field of study; Higher Education, English Language Study, and Vocational Study.

The academic potential of students has to be well demonstrated as gaining scholarships is highly competitive. Below are the top 3 prestigious fellowships that Australian institutions offer to international students.

  1. Melbourne International Research Academies (MIRSs)
  2. Sydneysiders International Scholars (SAISs)
  3. Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

The cost of living in Australia is based on a student’s lifestyle. Their budget and spending habits also play a crucial role. There is a broad range of modern and safe accommodations. There are homestay, off-campus, and on-campus options that a student can choose according to their preference.

There are so many entry requirements that a student has to meet for a visa application. There is an English language requirement along with academic qualifications. The proof of funds that support the studies is important and overseas student health coverage is also essential. The intakes happen in the months of September and November.

  • Offer letter from an Australian institution
  • Passport with Australian visa
  • Required medicines and prescriptions
  • Baggage allowance regulations check with the airlines
  • Mandatory mark sheets and certificates
  • Label the luggage clearly with appropriate information.



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