Smit Patel
UK…My dream country and going there was my goal and I am using past tense because this goal has been achieved and I will be in UK this Jan!!! and Grace Pathway Abroad has played a cardinal role in this. I went there through a lot of references from my friends as most of my college friends had gone for higher studies in different countries like Ireland, Australia, UK and Canada. I had many meetings with Renu ma’am and discussed my future steps with her thoroughly. I can safely say that she has solid ground level knowledge and has correct information on all the requirements of universities and countries. I was confused among the many university options ma’am provided me for my MBA as all of them are very reputed and I had to choose one. I finally settled on the top-notch university in London because of its business school’s formidable reputation. It is one old and internationally recognized university and has many pros for a student like me. My university needed a credibility interview and I was prepared for it diligently by the trainers as well as for the visa interview. My visa application was completely handled by the GA Team with their usual efficiency. Renu ma’am made sure that I knew about all the documents needed beforehand. Her team always double checked and even triple checked everything until they were satisfied about everything being absolutely right. I also prepared for my IELTS there and found that the faculty and trainers are very helpful and know exactly what they are doing. They know how to make a student capitalize on his strengths and many a times even help them find their strengths. The one amazing quality is that they are very straight-forward hence the student knows exactly where he stands. I am extremely grateful to GA for everything they have done for me. Lots of love and appreciation!
Gaurav Sharma
It was undoubtedly a great experience with you. I am so happy with everything and I loved your behaviour and this was a great experience. Thank you so much for everything and because of Gateway Abroad only I am able to achieve my goal, and now I will go to Australia for my further studies.. Gateway Abroad changed my dream into reality. Once again thank you so much for everything you have done for me.
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